8 symptoms you need to watch out for if your dog is throwing up

There are so many different reasons why your dog could be throwing up. Finding out what the symptoms are and what your dog did or ate before throwing up is the smartest thing that you can do. Some symptoms can be treated for at home by the dog’s owner, but others do need to be looked at by your veterinarian.

Here are 8 symptoms that you should look out for if your dog is throwing up

  1. You should look out for how much your dog is throwing up. If it is just occasionally and not frequent then it could most likely be nothing serious. However, if it is a chronic thing then you should see your vet right away.
  2. Diarrhea– If your dog is having diarrhea along with vomiting then this could be signs of something worse. You should have your veterinarian look at him/her before dehydration occurs.
  3. Dehydration– If you notice your dog becoming fatigued and not able to drink their water or eat their food then it could be signs they are becoming dehydrated. If this persists then get the expertise of your vet.
  4. Strange eating habits– If you notice that your dog’s eating habits have changed, or if they are not eating at all, then their vomiting could be signs of something more serious.
  5. Weight loss– If your dog is losing weight rapidly and not eating his/her food then you should see your vet for what is wrong. This could be a symptom of something more serious.
  6. If your dog is experiencing lethargy then it may be more than just vomiting you need to worry about. Bring him/her to a doctor for an examination.
  7. Strange drinking habits– If you see that your dog is either drinking much more than they usually do or barely drinking at all, then this is something to look out for.
  8. Blood in vomit– If you can see blood in your dog’s vomit, which will resemble the color and consistency of coffee grounds in a way, then you should take them to the vet immediately.