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About Us

We believe passionately that a natural lifestyle full of exercise, natural supplements and raw food contributes to a longer and healthier life for your pet. We try to either bring you natural products or refer you exclusively to companies that believe unhealthy additives like chemical preservatives, artificial dyes, corn or wheat gluten, meat and grain meals and by-products, etc are dangerous and should not be any part of a pet’s diet. To ensure you’re only giving your pet the safest, finest ingredients available, we have compiled a comprehensive dangerous food ingredients and additives list. Every ingredient on this list will never be featured in any consumable or topical product we produce or carry.

We will ALWAYS offer the BEST and NEVER offer the REST.

Everything we carry meets our rigorous standards of safety and effectiveness for your pet. Our mission is to make healthy choices easy for you and your pet.

Our Blog

Our blog contains innovative, health solutions and healthy natural tips for your pets. Most of our articles are well researched and written by holistic veterinarians, pet care specialists and of course by Daniel Riess and Robert Riess who monitor all articles and contribute timely articles simply through their great love for pets.


Customer Care (not outsourced)

You will not have to talk to an agent in a foreign land who may not be able to speak your language proficiently- All our customer service reps are USA Citizens who themselves love their own pets. They will help you to understand your pet’s needs and will never try and sell you something your pet does not need; this means real, compassionate voices on the phone, who really care about you and your pet.

Free Shipping & Flat Rate Shipping

Your money should be spent on the quality products your pets need, not on getting them to your door. That’s why we offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders $85 or more and a flat rate of $8.99 on everything else. Our priority is the pet, not the postage.


Let Me Tell You About My Best Friend

Recently after 16 lovable years , we made the decision to put our beloved Peanut (Lhasa Apso) down. She was blind, a diabetic and deaf. But it wasn’t till she was having serious problems breathing and was in horrible pain that we decided, she would be better off in puppy heaven. Our family has always had dogs and the leaving of Peanut caused a horrible void in our family.

Then my wife, Barbara noticed a posting on Facebook for rehoming a gorgeous 8 month old male Goldendoodle from a breeder in Atlanta ( Immediately, we showed interest and to our dismay, the breeder told us that she had received 100 inquiries and there were 2 families coming to see him in the morning who would probably take him.

Thanks to the thousands of wonderful postings we have received from our followers on Facebook, the breeder decided that we were the family who would give him the best home. I booked a flight on the morning of April 2nd and landed in Atlanta at 9:15 AM. After renting an SUV and driving to meet Tessi Henry, the breeder, I finally met Thomas. He was a little shy but on the 10 hour journey back to Naples, FL we established an incredible bond.

Thomas has become a full member of our family after just a few weeks and is the most lovable, caring and gentle dog we have ever known! He even has his own instagram page @Thomasthedoodle…so watch for him on all the social media and be sure to follow us.

She always puts our needs in front of hers and gives a warmth to our household that is beyond compare. Plus she is beautiful! You can see pictures of her on the site. In my research, I have found that I am not alone in my fight against toxic food ingredients for pets; thousands of loving pet parents have the same concerns as I have. I can only Thank God and our amazing community that I am able to spread my love of pets by helping to give them the best in natural care. Adhering to our simple values of Standards, Expertise, and Service, we’ve already helped numerous pets live happy, natural lives.

Penchant for Pet Health

I returned from 6 years in the military as a Special Operations Navy Diver with an idea in mind. I saw hundreds and hundreds of stray animals on the streets of Europe where I was stationed and felt so inadequate that I could not help them all. The images kept me awake at night and I knew when I returned to America, there was a mission I needed to fulfill. That’s why I partnered with my dad to start Petricious, to not only boost the health of our pet population but also to find homes for all the stray dogs whose families could no longer care for them. In the coming days, we will be announcing a charity that we would like a % of the proceeds to go to help fulfill this mission. However we have very strict rules in the charity that we choose- we want to make sure that the majority of the funds raised are actually going to helping the pets!

The Future

Natural for us isn’t just a passing fad; it’s an important value that we adhere to. And it is something we will NEVER compromise on. As we continue to grow, we’ll use it as a foundation for every decision we make.