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By Robert Riess, Health Researcher

It’s simple, give your dog the right food and he or she will live a longer, happier life. Give your dog the wrong food and expose him or her to harmful, age accelerating additives that cause digestion problems and disease.

Research has shown that there are 3 major types of food and food additives that suppress your dog’s immune system and can cause digestion problems like throwing up, diarrhea, and constipation.

Sadly, most of the pet food you find at the grocery store is full of these bad chemicals because they extend shelf life and are more profitable for food manufacturers.

In fact, you’ll soon see that identifying harmful foods is as important as regular exercise and a loving home, because pets are especially sensitive to what they eat.

So let’s take a closer look at how choosing the right dog food can transform your dog’s health and increase vitality and happiness.

Do you unknowingly feed your dog these harmful foods that AGE him or her faster?

Dangerous Dog Food Ingredients #1 – Preservatives

With the exception of high quality refrigerated products, all other dog food needs preservatives to stop the animal fats and meats spoiling.

Preservatives are used so your dog’s food won’t spoil in a matter of days or even hours (especially in hot climates).

There are two types of preservatives, artificial and natural.
Most dog food contains the artificial, synthetic type of preservative because they are cheap to produce and widely available.

Yet many synthetic preservatives are toxic to dogs, so cutting them out will only help your dog to live longer. The amount of preservative in each tin might be low, but it’s the cumulative effect which causes the damage.

Day in, day out, many pet owners feed their dogs the same foods. Over time, these toxic preservatives build up to dangerous levels and start wreaking havoc with your dogs digestive system.

This toxic overload causes him to throw up his food or to experience diarrhea in order to get rid of the poisons.

I am sure you truly care about your dog, just like we do – so please check the labels!

If you see ingredients like BHT, BHA, ethoxyquin, sodium nitrate, calcium propionate, or potassium sorbate, warning bells should go off. These are all artificial preservatives that can be toxic to your dog.

For example, In the case of ethoxyquin, we’re one of the few developed countries where this dangerous chemical (that is also used in pesticides), is allowed.

In Australia and across Europe it’s banned, because it has been proven that it can cause blood and liver disease.

In the US, it’s still used as a preservative.

PLUS: These two chemical additives – BHA & BHT have both been found to cause cancer– the number ONE cause of Dog Death!

The World Health Organization (WHO), and the State of California have put out warnings about them. But you’ll still see them in a lot of commercial dog food.

Are there any safer alternatives
to toxic preservatives?

The answer is a resounding YES! The truth is it’s not hard for manufacturers to use safer preservatives – natural preservatives like vitamin C or vitamin E do an equally good job, and they are much safer.

On packaging you should look out for ingredients like “ascorbate” and “tocopherol”, which are the scientific names for common natural preservatives.

Natural ingredients like citric acid and rosemary are preferred preservatives that we use in traditional, home cooked food. Citric acid is simply the acid in fruit juice which gives it its bite, and rosemary is just a common herb found in kitchens all over the world. It’s these kind of simple natural ingredients that are ideal for dogs.

The problem ?

You need to search wide and far in order to find them! Manufacturers do NOT like to use the natural preservatives because they add to the cost of manufacturing process.

Long-term research was needed to find a solution against the destructive properties of mass-produced pet food. Juverin is a direct result of that research.

At the core of Juverin are 7 Medicinal Mushrooms packed with a highly potent antioxidant – L-Ergo (L-ergothioneine). This antioxidant is singularly responsible for reinforcing digestive and immune health:

• Fighting off parasites,
• Fighting against the causes of lymphomas (cancer),
• Defeating bacteria with digestive enzymes,
• Soothing harmful inflammation,
• Neutralizing toxic substances,
• Fighting viral infection
• Helping to neutralize environmental toxins and fighting food allergies.

Jan Trampota, CEO of Mironova Labs says that L-ergothioneine (also referred to as L-Ergo)) “It well established that L-Ergo is a uniquely powerful and versatile antioxidant; L-Ergo is expressed specifically in those key cells and tissues that are highly sensitive to forces of aging—principally inflammation and free radical damage —which indicates that L-Ergo’s antioxidant protection in those cells is critically important to survival.”

With high levels of L-Ergo available on demand – your Dog’s body can quickly transport the antioxidants to problem areas in your cells so it can fight off free radicals… repair existing damage… and even prevent FUTURE damage!

That’s why we give our dogs Juverin Food Booster to sprinkle in his food once per day. At least that way, you know he is getting the digestive enzymes and antioxidant power he needs to support his immune and digestive systems!

#2 Dangerous Artificial Dyes and Flavorings

Are you confused about weird sounding names you see in most of the supermarket dog food?

According to Sabine Contreras who is an expert in Animal Nutrition, Care, Physiology, Diseases and Parasitology, many dog foods are made with artificial dyes and flavors.

Here are just a few of the flavors you should be concerned about…

Natural and Artificial Flavors – Poor quality of flavor additive, artificial flavors can be carcinogenic.

Natural and Artificial Chicken Flavors – Artificial flavors can cause severe illness, become carcinogenic.

Brewers Yeast – Waste product (used for flavoring, protein, B-vitamins) which can become very toxic to the liver causes allergies and arthritis.

Bacon Flavors – If it does not say “natural” it’s probably artificial and can be a carcinogen.

Smoker – Can potentially become carcinogenic plus it retards bacteria on rancid meat.

Artificial Dyes – Here are the main dyes used you should always check labels for:

Yellow 5 – Artificial color, a salicylate which can be become deadly to cats with extended use.

Yellow 6 – Artificial color, potentially carcinogenic food colorant.

Blue 2 – Carcinogenic, artificial color.

Titanium Dioxide – Potentially carcinogenic artificial color used as white pigment.

Caramel Color – Sugar-based or can be prepared by ammonia process associated with blood toxicity in lab rats.

These artificial dyes and flavors can accumulate in your dog’s fat cells and digestive system. They cause constant bouts of throwing up and diarrhea plus weaken his immune system.

If you cannot afford to feed him a raw food diet FREE Of these toxins, we suggest adding  Juverin Food Booster daily to his meal to help protect his immune system and keep him healthy.

L-Ergo is known as the “master antioxidant” because:

• It goes to work immediately with near instant bio availability.
• It lasts up to 48 times longer in the body than any other antioxidant – 30 days vs. 30 minutes!
• Goes right to the root of the problem like a guided missile and fixes the oxidative stress is the worst.
• Targets the very center of your dog’s cells to protect DNA.
Defends against free radical damage at the source – say goodbye barf, vomit, and throw up!

Dangerous Dog Food Ingredients #3 – Mystery Meats

You might think that having chicken or beef in dog food is a plus. However, beware of labels that describe ingredients in the dog food as simply “meat” or worse, “bone meal”. If you can’t identify the specific type of meat, it’s a fair bet it’s probably not going to be high quality.
(Manufacturers refer to it as “crude protein”.)

These mystery meats are simple WASTE. Things like “chicken byproduct meal” could be just a bunch of ground up beaks, feet, even feathers.

Another typically nasty mystery meat is “meat mill run”, which sounds nice and rustic but is actually not meat at all, it’s leftover grains.

You’ll also notice things like “animal fat” (which animal is that?), “ground whole wheat” (a cheap filler not suited to carnivores like dogs), or “corn gluten” (a highly allergenic filler).

These are all cheaper than real meat, so it’s no surprise they are routinely added to dog food to bulk it out.

Even meat that comes from slaughterhouses and rendering plants could be road kill or worse still unsaleable meat that has been sitting on store shelves for too long.

Would you eat that crap? I thought so.

If that is not bad enough, we have found dog food that is full of garbage like plastic tags, packaging and hair, and it’s all mixed together and ‘processed’.

This mixture can also include diseased tissue and even tumors.

Anything labelled as a “byproduct” is really just internal organs, remains and discards from factories.

If you want to build your dog’s immune system and strengthen his digestive health, try Juverin today. Juverin is chock full of antioxidants, absorbable proteins, and digestive enzymes. It is as simple as sprinkling a tablespoon over his food once per day! Your dog deserves it! 

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